Just Breathe

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>If you haven't yet identified which of your two personal tones is your relaxation tone, we recommend purchasing the starter pack. The starter pack contains TWO full length Deep Relaxation albums for the same price as one album.
>Each individual tone represents a full length album composed in that tonal key. If you're interested in exploring multiple tones, a complete tone set is available at a significant discount.
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A Powerful Relaxation Tool...

The breath is a physical gateway to relieving stress and anxiety. When someone is distressed, we intuitively say "Slow down... take a deep breath." Why? What makes the breath so special? In physiological terms, slowing our breath is a way to engage our built-in relaxation response. If we are stressed, breathing slow and deep sends a signal to our body to relax. This type of deep breathing saturates our entire body with richly needed oxygen, and, on a more esoteric level, life energy and vitality. It brings about a rich, deep and abiding calm.

I have been involved in Zen practice since 1996. In Zen, there is considerable focus on the breath as a way to calm and clear your mind. Just Breathe introduces you to the richness of this Zen breathing practice. I verbally guide you as you learn this way to deeply breathe and it doesn't take more than five minutes to learn how to do it. Just Breathe is 20 minutes long, a perfect length so you can easily engage it whenever you need a quick break during your busy day.

Just Breathe couples a strong presence of the binaural beat phenomenon with a soft, calming musical background. Binaural beats are a neural-acoustic phenomenon that have a unifying effect on the two hemispheres of our brain. Read more about them on our website here.

Because of the powerful nature of this breathing exercise combined with your personal tone, ambient music, and the binarual beat phenomenon, the positive changes to your mind are far greater than using any one of these elements alone.

Use this composition every day to build long lasting positive change in your ability to minimize stress and negative emotions. Take advantage of this powerful tool now and... just breathe.