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If you're new to, then the best product to start with is the Therapeutic Sound Starter Pack. It includes two Deep Relaxation albums, one for each of your tones. Evaluating both compositions will allow you to easily identify which of the two tones is your exact relaxation tone.

Deep Relaxation

Deep Relaxation is one of the most general purpose sound therapy compositions on It features theta and delta brainwave binaural beats woven into a tapestry of gentle rainfall and complex sustained sound.

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This album is suitable for:

Relaxation, Massage & Other Holistic Therapies, Sleep, Meditation

Just Breathe

The breath is a physical gateway to relieving stress and anxiety. This composition will guide you through a deep breathing exercise taught in the Rinzai Zen meditation tradition. Just Breathe also includes a strong binaural beat presence that has a profound calming effect on your state of mind. Combined with the breathing practice, the result is a powerful acoustic gateway to relieveing stress.

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This album is suitable for:

Relaxation, Meditation

Sound Sleep

Sound Sleep provides a tone-specific blanket of sound to help you sleep. It features slow delta binaural beats set into a deep sonorous bass drone. Use it to quiet an anxious or racing mind. Use it to mask external sounds, such as traffic. Use it to blend and mask the debilitating effects of tinnitus. This composition is best if used with earbuds or SleepPhones. Reclaim the healing power of the night and experience sound sleep!

Available packages

This album is suitable for:

Relaxation, Sleep, Tinnitus

Deep Waters

Deep Waters was written over the course of hundreds of massage sessions. It is the natural ebb and flow of a 60 minute massage -- a highly relaxing and restorative acoustic journey.

Deep Waters was composed before I began creating personal tone albums. Because of it's multi-tonal nature, it does work well for a variety of tones.

This album is suitable for:

Relaxation, Massage & Other Holistic Therapies

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