Therapeutic benefits

Therapeutic benefits

As outlined on the technology page, our therapeutic sound compositions contain specific acoustic elements that can activate the body's parasympathetic nervous system, leading to a calmer mind and a more relaxed body.

Here are just a few of the areas where you can take advantage of this effect:

Stress relief

The ravages of stress can have a direct, debilitating impact on the quality of your life. Our therapeutic sound compositions are like a massage for the mind, interrupting and breaking apart habitual mental patterns and areas of emotional restriction. This can result in an alleviation of stress, restored mental acuity, and more emotional "breathing space."

Recharging during the day

Often times you may find yourself fatigued during the day. The neuroacoustic properties of our relaxation compositions can put wind back into your sails. Simply find a place where you will not be disturbed and put on one of's relaxation compositions. It is amazing how quickly it can take you into a deeply restful state, giving your body a chance to recharge itself for the rest of the day.

Improving the ease and quality of sleep

Our compositions encourage your brain to slow down into the calming rhythms of sleep. They're effective in helping you fall asleep, stay asleep, or return to sleep after waking. The music can help silence an overactive mind, and reduce the anxiety that can both wake you and prevent you from drifting back to sleep.

We recommend keeping an MP3 player on your nightstand with a therapeutic sound composition ready in case you wake up in the middle of the night, or even just an hour or two before your alarm goes off. Getting that last hour of sleep can make the difference between a well-rested day as opposed to a tiring, stressful day. Our compositions help create a sonic cocoon that can help you get that last bit of sleep that you need.

acoustic-sleep-mask1Some users listen to the compositions using speakers in their bedroom, while others use headphones or earbuds. If your headphones or earbuds are uncomfortable for sleeping, you may want to consider 'sleephones'. Sleep phones are soft fleece headbands with headphones woven into the fabric. They enable you to lie comfortably while listening to our sound compositions – whether on your side, back or stomach. One popular manufacturer is AcousticSheep.

Enhancing focus

Several of the compositions on create a drone-like soundscape. Because of this, they lend themselves well to use as focus aids. If you have a task that demands sustained focus, simply play the appropriate composition in your tone. This creates a sonic environment that supports sustained mental concentration by calming the mind's natural tendency to follow distracting thoughts.

Mindfulness practices

Many of the compositions on can be used to enhance and deepen meditative practices. Some are particularly designed to have a direct and balancing neurological effect. These compositions often have a very strong, pronounced binaural beat effect phenomenon in order to help your mind become hemispherically balanced. Whatever your mindfulness practice is, from yoga to meditation, our compositions can help induce your mind to relax and quiet. Many of the compositions take meditation to new levels, balancing your mind and opening to the ineffable.

Pregnancy and labor

Some uses have listened to our compositions during their pre-labor classes as they learned various breathing techniques, and listened to them during labor as well. They found that the sound helped focus their attention and manage the pain of the birthing process.

Holistic therapies (Acupuncture, Massage, Reiki, etc.)

Professional therapists are welcome to incorporate's therapeutic sound into their own practices. Our compositions relax the mind and body, creating an open and receptive state that is especially conducive for the healing arts.

Simply purchase a complete 12-tone set, and prior to a client's session, have the client submit his/her voice for analysis on our website. Then, during your appointment, you can play the version composed in one of the client's tones, as you'll already have access to all 12 versions of the album. This will provide you with a completely new modality that can deepen your healing sessions and give your clients a unique incentive to continue to visit your practice!

Please note: if your client does not find the tonal soundscape pleasing, do not hesitate to switch to their other tone as identified on Just have your client tell you both their tones at the beginning of the session. It is fundamentally necessary that the client listen to their relaxation tone during therapeutic sessions.

Vibroacoustic exploration

The majority of the compositions on are available in a vibroacoustic version, which are specifically designed with low frequency bass pulses in the selected tone. If you own a vibroacoustic chair or table, whether for your own personal use or in the context of a therapeutic environment, these compositions can help take your equipment to the next level. The result is a powerful, full body experience that delivers sound directly to the nervous system. When that sound is in one's personal relaxation tone, the experience is profound.

Have you discovered a new application for our compositions? If so, please share so that others may benefit as well! Tell us how you have found them useful in your own life by submitting your story on our testimonial page.