Night-Time tinnitus relief


When the distractions of day-time sound quiet into the deep silence of the night, many people turn to white noise generators or other sound machines to attempt to mask the unsettling sounds of tinnitus. These machines do not take into account the actual tinnitus tones and pitches that you hear. And they are not always successful masking the disruptive sound of tinnitus when you are trying to sleep. Another type of sound is needed... Something that is personalized to your tinnitus experience.

The key is in your voice.

We all have tones and pitches that we find relaxing and tones that we find stimulating, or irritating. Our analysis software can identify tones that are specific and unique to your nervous system. They are contained in your own natural speaking voice.

BLEND... don’t just mask.

At whatsyourtone, we are exploring the relationship between the tinnitus pitches you hear and the natural tones in your voice. By identifying the specific tone in your voice that relaxes your mind and body, we believe you can lessen the debilitating effect of tinnitus by blending them with the tone that you find naturally relaxing.

Retrain your mind.

Managing the physical aspect of tinnitus is important, but equally important is managing your emotional response to the experience of tinnitus. For this you need tried and true methods that can help you become less stressed and more at ease, even while expereincing tinnitus. These methods are offered as sound recordings, combining guided instructions in relaxation methods and a soundscape in your personal tone.

A new generation of therapeutic sound

Whatsyourtone’s Night-time Tinnitus Relief Program utilize several new sound technologies:

  • Tone specific to match your unique mind and body
  • Innovative sleepphones you can wear all night long
  • The binaural beat phenomenon to relax your mind
  • True, nature recorded sounds to mask tinnitus
  • Hypnotic-like drone sounds to help you sleep

Start Today...

... and be sleeping better tonight. Using whatsyourtone's online voice analysis system, you can identify your unique, relaxation tone and download sleep compositions right away! Once you know your tone, we suggest your begin with the following compositions:

Sound Sleep

Sound Sleep uses high fidelity natural soundscapes and delta binaural beats (for deep sleep brainwave states) composed in a customized sonorous tone that resonantes with YOUR unique body and mind. The tone is meant to both blend and mask the debiliting effects of tinnitus.

Just Breathe

Learn a new way of breathing that will help you relieve the stress and anxiety associated with tinnitus. Using your personal tone combined with ambient music and the binarual beat phenomenon, this composition is a powerful acoustic gateway to relaxation and can retrain your attention to minimize the mind's involvement with the sounds of tinnitus.