Thank you so much for the Sound Sleep album in my tone! Sleep with Medicine Falls is the best "white noise" replacement by far if you really want to just block things out. I really liked Sleep with Meditation Brook - you can really hear the brook waters, which is great, it's the most peaceful and pleasant of the 3 for me. But Sleep with Peaceful Rain is a good choice for me when I really need to block out thoughts or outside sounds. All 3 are wonderful additions to my Sleep collection. It's awesome to have so many options now when I go to bed and again when I wake up throughout the night, which is anywhere from 1-5x. I am so thankful to have these compositions.

Pam R., Annapolis, MD

I've just started working with Deep Relaxation A# and am finding it very effective. It is very relaxing and my thoughts just dissipate. My tones came out as D# / A# and the difference in body sensations is quite dramatic. D# was unsettling, so I'm in the 25% that chose the second tone.

[And then one month later...]

I've been using Just Breathe in my daily 20 minute sit. I've found that using it has helped me achieve a calmer state - more than I had previously achieved without it. I alternate between using it and sitting in silence to keep developing my skills.

I'll use Deep Relaxation to calm my mind when it gets too active, or especially if I wake up in the middle of the night and start thinking about things. It helps me relax and fall back to sleep.

Jim O., New York

Last night I went to sleep listening to the primary tone [Deep Relaxation] and slept four straight hours dreamless and un-moving. It was good! I sat [in meditation] tonight while listening to my primary tone [using Deep Relaxation]. I was very happy but could barely stay awake. Secondary tone kept me very alert - had a great sit.

Jim S., Syracuse, NY

Do you have trouble unwinding? Hankering to downshift out of high gear? Not sure how to enter into quiet time or meditation? For the cost of a glass or two of vino, you could be unwinding anytime, anywhere, and as frequently as you like.

My former massage therapist, David Fisher, offers "Personalized sound and music to relieve stress, sleep better, and enhance focus." His website, Whatsyourtone.com, finds the tones in your voice by recording you speech and then analyzing that recording. A layered musical composition is chosen to match. His compositions also incorporate the binaural beat phenomenon (a waawaawaa sound that your brain adds to your audio experience when it tries to reconcile a slightly different tone being played in each ear). Dave explains it better than I can. All I know is that it creates a gentle vibrational buzz in my brain that feels good.

I used his recordings [Deep Relaxation] during my pregnancy a few years ago to ease pain and as a relaxation/meditation/sleep aid. Too, I played it a lot during a stressful work season, using it as background noise in my office. It works. Something about what he is doing is more powerful than the typical ambient meditation music out there.

Disclaimer: No disclaimer needed. I'm receiving no money or benefit from mentioning his products here. I just really like it and think it is a great deal. Anything that does this much for you and you can get your hands on for less than $20 is a big friggin' deal in my book and I want you guys to benefit from it.

Lavet Lorenz, Life Coach, www.facebook.com/lavetlorenzsoulcare

Deep Relaxation has been incredibly helpful to listen to while doing paperwork for my job. Even when I am in a crowded coffee shop, I can put Deep Relaxation in my ear buds and tune out all the background noise. It helps me concentrate and get my work done faster! [Deep Relaxation, Personal Tone Album]

Lauren B., Raleigh, NC

I have a hard time meditating and relaxing, and was so surprised when the album came to an end! I don't know where the time went - where I went - but I feel so good! Sometimes I feel that some guided meditations sound "patronizing" or there's something about them where I want to say "no, that's not right", but with yours I found myself wanting to do what you are saying. [30 Minute Relaxation Break, forthcoming release]

M.D., Syracuse, NY

When listening, I felt electric sensations in my neck... really amazing… they got even stronger during the bells. It's very easy to lose myself in the bells! [Deep Waters]

Laurie N., Syracuse, NY

I listened to my secondary tone [using Deep Relaxation] most of the day at work today. Kept me extremely focused.

Jim S., Syracuse, NY

This is very inspiring music. It puts me in a state of mind that is relaxing and calming. The music itself takes me to another place. I go to the ocean, the sand and sun. I love the water sounds! [Deep Waters]

Marlene S., Syracuse, NY

I sat [in meditation] and soon had a terrible headache. Went to lie down and listen to Dave Fisher’s “Deep Waters.” It’s amazing — profoundly healing, just giving yourself over to the deep silence, the profound compassion, of this sound. It’s like Dave’s deep kindness, of which he is such an amazing vehicle, made into sound.

Catherine L., Syracuse, NY

Good, restful sleep has become more and more elusive the past few years. When once I was able to fall asleep quickly and easily, the stresses and anxiety occurring in my life of late make it difficult for me to turn off my brain at bedtime, so that it’s hard to fall asleep. I have been amazed at how well the recordings in my best tones, along with the soothing rain sounds in the background, provided not only the ’white noise’ I need to block out other sounds (MUCH better than a fan I was using), but also serve wonderfully to not only lull me to sleep in short order, but also help me fall back asleep quickly when I wake up during the night. Listening to the music in my tone using my can’t-live-without-them SleepPhones, has become my new habit virtually overnight and now I don’t go to sleep without it! [Deep Relaxation, Personal Tone Album]

Pam R., Annapolis, MD

I have tried the voice analysis a couple of times now and have received the same results each time. The first moment that my tone started to play, my body’s response was immediate and immensely pleasing. I haven’t stopped smiling since I clicked play, and that was 67 minutes ago! (I’m on my second listen...) My heart is resonating deeply with my tone, brow and crown chakras are lighting up and I feel completely energized! Dave Fisher, thanks for such a wonderful product. [Deep Relaxation, Personal Tone Album]

Jim S., Syracuse, NY

Peaceful, beautiful [Deep Waters]

J.L., West Wendover, NV

Dave Fisher's Deep Waters is like sitting in a warm mountain stream, sunshine beaming into my heart and soul, life ever so abundant and perfect. This CD played through a Vibroacustic Massage table elevates me a higher level being and awareness. The perfect present moment gift to myself.

D.K., Snyder, NY

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