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Dave Fisher, LMT

Dave Fisher, LMT

Dave Fisher spent many years in the corporate environment as a software developer and project manager. Feeling there was something more, he left the office for the home and began to explore his spiritual roots. Because of his "techie nature" his explorations soon turned to the use of light and sound machines -- his first experience of the use of sound for self transformation.

He has attended several institutions, from The Monroe Institute to Zen Mountain Monastery and is currently a zen practitioner at The Zen Center of Syracuse Hoen-ji. Under the direction of Dr. Jeffrey Thompson in 2001, he completed a Bio-Tuning® and Sonic Induction Therapy™ Intensive course at the Center for Neuroacoustic Research in CA. It was then that he began to see how his computer programming background could combine with healing sound modalities.

In 2003 he received his massage training from the Finger Lakes School of Massage and established his private practice, Heartworks Therapeutic Massage. At Heartworks he spent the next ten years developing ways that sound could be used therapeutically. This gave birth to his online sound therapy system available today at whatsyourtone.com.

Dave continues to dedicate himself to the creation of sound compositions and products to help those who suffer from stressful situations, whether from illness or work, as well as those on their own journies of self discovery.